About Us

About Us

Boro Properties have many years of experience in the field of consultation related to residential lettings across Middlesbrough and its surrounding areas.

We believe in understanding our clients/landlords requirements and providing a personalised service paying close attention to the finer details that really matter.

We can provide a customised consultation with regards to lettings, management, investments in and around the whole of Teesside.

Over the years Boro Properties have achieved impressive customer satisfaction. We provide a comprehensive consultation program so that there is no scope for customer dissatisfaction.

We are very proud to provide a service focusing on putting our clients first. As a result, this has made us a household name in Middlesbrough, and has added an impressive portfolio of loyal clientele. Our market positioning and exclusive network allows access to a premium clientele and therefore Boro Properties continue to grow and refine our expertise with regard to renting and managing/maintenance of properties across Teesside.

We have a wide selection of flats, houses, apartments available to rent in and around Middlesbrough, so please take some time out to have a look on the website. We would value any feedback, Thank you.

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